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Are you getting value from your health fund?

19 Apr 2018

Let’s face it, we live in an expensive world. Much of our hard earned money goes towards the cost of living with bills and often numerous dollars getting taken out of our accounts by direct debit, don’t even get us started on smashed avocado prices. There’s a way you can get back on top. It’s up to you to decide where your money goes and if there’s REAL value in where you’re spending it.

Your childs first dental visit

12 Mar 2018

We're committed to helping parents, and guiding children into adulthood with the best possible oral health. From the time those tiny teeth first appear they enter an environment in which they will be spending the next five to ten years! It’s crucial then that the environment be well managed and the teeth properly cared for to help avoid the need for professional interventions, such as fillings or sadly, early extractions.

Meditation series: Are you suffering from overthinking?

14 Feb 2018

Do you sometimes (or often) find yourself looking at your world through a pessimistic lens? You have mountains of work to get through that you tell yourself you’ll never get through in time, back-to-back meetings that you don’t see any value in, you have to be at the kids’ school by 5pm for their concert, today of all days! And you catch every darn red light you can, so you’ll never make it.

FREE Weekly Fitness Planner

28 Dec 2017

For 30 days in January we’re here to help you get moving and start healthy habits for 2018. We’ll be sharing daily posts for you to stay on track, learn new ways to move and exercise, and test your fitness along the way. You can also download your FREE Weekly Fitness Planner print out.