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How to Meal Prep

12 Jan 2021

Meal prepping can save you time, money and most of all have a positive impact on your health by reducing your likelihood of eating takeaway meals. Find out how you can get started here.

How Much Sugar Is Hiding In Your Trolley

02 Aug 2020

Being healthy is something that most of us aim for. With a range of 'healthier' options on the market it's easy to get caught in packaging and health claims that one product might be healthier than the other. However, you might want to take a closer look at your supermarket purchases. They’re not as healthy as you might think. Read more here.

How to set up a healthy mindset

06 Jul 2020

When we talk about wellness and health for our bodies, we are told to eat our veggies, we try to consume 2L of water a day, we exercise, (okay, should be exercising) and we see a doctor every once and while to make sure everything is in tip top shape. So, our question is, why don’t we do the same for our minds, for our mental health?