Once you’ve held cover under either our Premium or Essential products for a year, we automatically increase your respective overall benefit limits for dental (excluding orthodontic) and our full range of therapies by $50 per year.

We provide this loyalty incentive for first five years following completion of your first year with Territory Health Fund and continue to honour it for as long as you continuously hold your Premium or Essential Extras cover. For example, after five continuous years on Premium Extras, your overall dental limit would have increased from $1,400 to $1,650 per person per Membership Year.

Loyalty limit increases don’t apply to sub-limits or individual service or item benefits.

We also increase the available benefit limits for orthodontics over the first three years on our Premium and Essential Extras covers. A Lifetime Limit applies to orthodontic services. Initial waiting periods may apply.

For further details read our Extras Cover brochure or call us on 1800 623 893.