With 5 weeks to go until race day you should have a bit of a routine happening. Time to review your program and ensure you are on track.

This easy training plan is a program that is designed for runners at all levels to prepare you for the last 5 weeks leading up to the NTCity2Surf.

This program is general in nature. Feel free to adjust in order to accommodate scheduling conflicts and individual goals and rate of improvement.

Each week a program will be published and will include some running tips.

Level of runner  Length of run Frequency 
Beginners  70 mins plus  3 to 4 times per week
Intermediate 60 to 70 mins  4 to 5 times per week 
Competitive sub 60 mins  5 to 7 times per week


Beginner Runners

Here are three core sessions to do for this week. If you have been doing a bit of training to date then perhaps try Parkrun on a Saturday morning as this is good race day practice.


Type of run Length of run Tips 
Easy run  35 to 40 mins  This should be at a relaxed pace (where you can talk comfortably)
Speed session 30 to 40 mins  10 mins easy running as a warm up, then four efforts of 2 mins with an easy 1 min recovery in between efforts. Then 10 mins easy warm down to finish.
Long run up to 60 mins 

Saturday or Sunday mornings are good for long runs. Go out and run easy, walk if you have to. This is about time on your feet.



Intermediate and Advanced Runners

Here are four core sessions that are a “must do each week”.  Try either a parkrun on a Saturday or check out Darwin Runners and Walkers club on a Wednesday or even an extra session to build up some km's. 


Type of run  Details Training session by Top End Athletic Movement (TEAM)
Easy run 

Great session on a Monday as a recovery run.

10 min warm up

Go out and run relaxed and easy.


Hill session

Great session to build some strength.

10 min warm up

Intermediate: try about 5 to 6 reps up one of the Darwin hills.

Advanced: try 8 reps.

TEAM run a hill session each Wednesday morning at 6.00am for all levels. 

Location: posted on Mondays via the TEAM Facebook page (locations vary)

Cost: Free 

Speed work

10 min warm up 

4 x 80m strideouts or accelation runs to warm up your legs 

4 x 800m at your 5km pace with 200m easy recovery in between reps

Advanced: add 4 x 200m at 3km pace with 100m recovery

Track Session every Friday Morning at 6.00am.

Location: Marrara Athletic Track

Cost: $3 

 Long run

This week we will build your aerobic base

10 min warm up 

Increase your longest run by 10%

You should be hitting around 90 mins by this stage. For an event like this no more than 2 hours is needed.



Tip: Stretch after each session and hydrate well by learning to drink before, during and after training.

Check out next week's running plan