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Protect your skin from chlorine this Summer

03 Dec 2021

There's nothing more inviting than a sparkling pool on a hot summer's day, but many people soon find themselves suffering from skin irritations and acne breakouts. Find out more from our friend, James Jensen of the Australian Nutrition Centre.

My Cancer Story - Amanda Jarrett

21 Oct 2021

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our Brand Ambassador Amanda Jarrett shares her very personal experience with Cancer. This is a must read that will touch your heart and leave you inspired as Amanda's shares her family's cancer journey that lead to genetic testing, revealing that both Amanda and her sister carry the BRACA1 gene mutation. And how Amanda and her sister refuse to just simply accept their genetic fate.

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Perimenopause: Is it inevitable?

10 Oct 2021

One of the most commonly frustrated types of women we see in our clinic are those who are approaching menopause. This period of time is called perimenopause. It’s a tricky time for women, with a lot of change occurring in your body without you actually changing anything. You’re eating well, exercising, getting eight hours of sleep, but the weight just jumps on without your permission. Unfair, I know. So why does this happen?

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