Making the time to fully relax is vital to maintain good health and wellbeing. It helps you to calmly deal with life’s stresses. On National Relaxation Day we share our favourite ways to relax.

Exercise: Get physically active for at least 30 minutes. Exercise increases your endorphins making you feel happier and less anxious.

Spending time with pets: Our furry friends are always so happy to see us - with their unconditional love do we need to say more?

Snuggle up and watch TV: With a favourite drink. Two of our top choices are either a warm cup of tea or standard glass of red wine!

Yoga and meditation: The ultimate chill-out time. It will help to declutter your mind and release tension.

Pamper yourself: Schedule in some much needed ME time. There are a couple of ideas you can put into place to assist in achieving this much needed time, examples include:

  • Putting the kids to bed a half hour earlier
  • Making a booking for a massage or manicure
  • Keeping it simple like reading a book, having a bubble bath or watching your favourite TV show

Sleep: A hot favourite. Nothing refreshes the mind and body like a good nap!

Whatever you do make sure you take time to relax on National Relaxation Day.

What if there was a “magic pill” of sorts to help us gain better control over our minds, our reactions, our moods and our thoughts? In a way, there is. It’s called meditation, which is the process of calming your mind, focusing on the present moment and finding that peace. 

Learn more about meditation from our meditation expert Maree Hollebone: