The festive season often unleashes a flurry of activities, from the mad dash for presents to decorating the house and capturing the perfect Santa photos. Suddenly, in the month of December, we’re expected to transform into superheroes, and as the days on the advent calendar dwindle, preserving your wellbeing (and sanity) can become an increasingly challenging feat. So, how do you steer clear of festive season burnout and ensure you don’t end up feeling utterly exhausted by the end of it all?


Avoid overindulging

Now, we’re not suggesting you skip that delicious Christmas pudding…..but during the festive season, we risk overeating and fuelling harmful bugs in our gut, which lead to weight gain, inflammation and an all-around feeling of ‘bleh.’ Ensuring you’re continuing to eat fibre-rich wholefoods like fruits, vegetables, salads and whole grains, alongside those seasonal treats, will give your body more fuel and help balance out any excessive cravings for sugary treats.


Stay active

As tempting as it may be to equate the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping to running a half marathon, it’s essential not to let your regular exercise routine slip away. Whether it’s a quick walk around the block, a home workout, or a festive dance party with friends and family, staying active will work wonders for your mood, energy levels and stress management during this busy time.


Prioritise recharging

By the time we reach the Christmas period, many of us are already grappling with end-of-year-burnout, which is then further exacerbated by the festive frenzy. If left unaddressed, it has an unfortunate tendency to spill over into the new year like an unwelcome party guest. Therefore, it is important to set aside moments each day for activities that help you relax and rejuvenate. This could include reading a book, spending time with family or being out in the veggie garden. Whatever makes you feel most at peace.


Take quality herbs and supplements

Herbs and supplements can be used to help reduce stress and promote overall wellbeing during the busy festive season. There are also some excellent all-in-one supplements available that taste good, are easy to take daily, and will give you the extra boost you need to tackle Christmas Day. Your health practitioner or nutritionist can help advise you on the correct supplements and dosage to support your nutritional needs over the festive season, and into the new year.


The holiday period is all about giving, but don’t forget to give to yourself as well. With these simple steps, you can savour every bit of the festive season (Christmas pudding included) while keeping burnout at bay.