If you liked the yoghurt based pizza trend, then you'll love these yoghurt cinnamon scrolls. This recipe is doing the rounds on almost every social platform and now we know why! Give this fun cinnamon recipe a go with the kids or maybe just for yourself. Here is what we used...



  • 1 packed cup self-raising flour plus up to ½ packed cup reserved self-raising flour
  • 1 cup of greek yoghurt
  • 20g melted butter
  • 2 packed tsp brown sugar
  • 1 ½ tsp cinnamon




For the glaze

  • 3 tablespoons sugar free powdered sugar or icing sugar
  • 1 tablespoon Greek yoghurt
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Preheat your oven to 190c and line a baking tray.
  2. In a bowl add the greek yoghurt and stir around to smooth out any lumps.
  3. Add in 1 cup of self-raising flour and mix together until a dough forms. Then smooth into a ball. (It will be a little sticky at this point).
  4. Leave the dough in the bowl and continue to add in up to ½ packed cup of flour slowly as required ( just over ¼ cup usually does it but you may need more) kneading until the dough is workable, smooth to touch and no longer sticky. This process will take around 5 minutes.
  5. Turn out the dough onto a piece of waxed baking paper or nonstick silicone. If using paper, also lightly spray with cooking oil. This will ensure the dough does not stick to the paper.
  6. Place the dough on the paper and quickly shape into a rectangle with your hands.
  7. With a floured rolling pin, roll out until the dough is about 1.5 cm thick. Try to work through this step quickly.
  8. Lightly spread the dough with melted butter, then sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon evenly over the dough.
  9. Quickly and gently roll the dough up evenly from the shortest side to form a log then slice each log into 8 even scrolls.
  10. Slightly squash each scroll and put on the prepared baking tray.
  11. Bake for around 12-15 minutes or until the dough has cooked and is lightly golden.
  12. Once the scrolls have cooled a little glaze with icing mixture. *Tip: if you only have granulated Stevia or other sugar substitute, place into a food processor and blend for 30 seconds for the perfect powder.