NT Dental is a friendly, fast-growing group of dental clinics located in two convenient locations across Darwin, Northern Territory (Fannie Bay and Gateway Shopping Centre). The team of dentists are extremely passionate about providing gentle dental care to patients of all ages, no matter their circumstances. 

Meet the NT Dental Team 

Dr Kamal Masum, Principal Dentist (Gateway Shopping Centre)

Dr Kamal MasumA little bit about Kamal: Kamal’s journey in dentistry began in 2003 when he graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the oldest university in Bangladesh – the University of Dhaka. After a few years of practicing his passion in Bangladesh, Kamal decided to make the move to Australia.

His first Australian dental experience began with Oral Health Services NT (OHSNT) where he provided oral – dental care to his patients in both urban and remote areas around the Top End. During this time, Kamal discovered that there was a large barrier for regional communities to access regular dental care, which often led to ‘dental anxiety’ among its people. With this in mind, Kamal’s passion for public health and patient-centred care began to develop and more specifically his work around helping his patients overcome this fear towards dentistry.

In addition to his passion around dental anxiety, Dr Kamal’s other passions exist in restorative, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. His constant commitment to upskilling himself in this space has inspired him to push the boundaries when diagnosing and providing individualized solutions to his patients. In fact, one of Kamal’s life missions is to help as many people as possible achieve a beautiful, healthy and natural smile that they are proud of. It’s this change in people’s confidence and wellbeing that fuels his passion to achieve the best outcomes for all his patients.

Outside of the dental practice, you can catch Kamal relaxing with his family and enjoying a few cuddles with his kids Adyan and Manha.


Dr Allan Pink, Head Dentist (Fannie Bay) 

Dr Allan Pink

A little bit about Allan: With Indian roots, Allan’s journey to become a dentist all began at the Govt Dental College in Mumbai where he studied dentistry for five years.

After graduation Allan realised he had a passion for emergency trauma management and minor oral surgeries, so he snatched up a position in a local hospital to gain more experience in this area.

Two years’ down the track, Allan decided his hospital days were over and he was keen for his next challenge, so he took a leap of faith and set up his own dental clinic.  

After four years’ in his own practice, Allan was ready again for a new challenge and took another leap of faith (much larger this time) to head down under, where he settled here with NT Dental in Darwin.

Allan has been with the practice since his move to Australia in 2016, and is most passionate about helping his clients with root canal treatments, cosmetic dentistry and wisdom teeth extractions. The fact that every root canal treatment requires a unique approach and will improve a patient’s overall wellbeing is what drives Allan in this space.

On the weekends, you’ll find Allan setting up camp somewhere in the beautiful plains of Darwin or taking a few laps in the pool.


A Speedy Q&A with Dr Allan Pink

What are your top 3 tips for patients? 

1. Minimise your consumption of dietary acids - so mainly soft drinks. 

Why? Acids are usually the main cause of teeth wear, so minimising these in your diet is important to prevent the breakdown of enamel which will lead to cavitation (the creation of holes in the bone or at the root of your teeth).

2. Sounds cliché, but your mum was right when she said floss every night before you go to bed. 

Why? Flossing helps with the prevention of cavities by removing plaque and bacteria from the places you can’t normally reach with a brush.

3. Don't miss your periodic dental check ups!

Why? It’s important to keep up with these so that you can catch cavities before they become more of a problem. Usually cavities don’t hurt when forming, but can cause serious pain later on – so periodic check-ups could save you the headache (or in this case toothache) and expenses down the track.  

NT Dental (Gateway Shopping Centre) 

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Yarrawonga NT 0830

Phone: (08) 8981 9993

NT Dental (Fannie Bay)

Address: 4/9 Keith Lane,

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