It's race week! This means, it’s time to taper.

The aim of the taper is to freshen up, reduce the volume of training and adjust to the intensity so the legs feel fresh and ready for race day at the Santos NTCity2Surf.

Tip: Get some early nights filled with good sleep. Aim for an early night on Friday so you can arrive early on race day, with enough time for a short warm up and last-minute toilet stops.

Eat something light at least one hour prior to the race. A piece of toast with honey is a good choice. Try to avoid anything that will be hard to digest.


Try for three sessions this week.

Type of run

Length of run

Tips or comments 

Easy run 

up to 40 mins 

Add 3 x 1min surges to stretch the legs out.

Speed session

30 to 40 mins 

4 x 80m accelerations a.k.a strideouts

(run up to 80m gradually increasing the pace run back to the start easy as a recovery)


4 x 400m at a firm pace (slightly faster then your goal race pace)

run 100m easy recovery between reps


2 x 200m at a firm pace

run 100m easy recovery between reps


4 x 100m at hard pace with 30 secs standing recovery between these reps          

Long run

70 mins 

Run the first 45mins easy, then the last 25 minutes is practice at a race pace.

Warm down with about 5 mins of easy running or walking and finish with stretching.

Intermediate and Advanced 

Intermediates: try four runs this week.

Advanced: five runs this week.

Type of run 

Length of session


Easy run 

45 min

10 min warm up

Add a few 200m surges during your run to help with leg speed

Tempo run

Up to 60 min

10 min warm up

Run at a pace slightly slower than your race pace

Pick a flat course and work on rhythm and form

Speed work

20 min

10 min warm up 

4 x 80m strideouts or accelation runs to warm up your legs 

Run these efforts at a slightly faster than race pace and then repeat at a slower pace in between each rep  

2 x 90sec  

4 x 60sec 

4 x 30sec 

4 x 15sec 

 Long run

70 min

10 min warm up 

Run the first 45 mins easy and then run the last 25 mins at race pace

Tip: Stretch after each session and hydrate well by learning to drink before, during and after training.