Are you getting value from your health fund?

Territory Health Fund is different! Their policies are simple and easy to understand so you know what you’re covered for and how you can use it.

Let’s face it, we live in an expensive world. Much of our hard earned money goes towards the cost of living with bills and often numerous dollars getting taken out of our accounts by direct debit, don’t even get us started on smashed avocado prices. There’s a way you can get back on top. It’s up to you to decide where your money goes and if there’s REAL value in where you’re spending it.

With a positive focus on healthy living in the world today, a great place to start thinking about the value of what you’re getting for money is with your health cover. So many people continue to pay for cover they’ve held for years without really knowing what they’re covered for and as a result don’t use their cover!

There’s an array of services you can utilise to assist your health and wellbeing, day in and day out and better secure your future. Think that dental appointment for a scale and clean, a remedial massage to release tension and the stresses held in your muscles or signing up to your local gym to strengthen core muscles to limit lower back pain (yep, it’s covered with Territory Health Fund!*). And that’s just to name a few.

A great way of making the most of your cover is by setting health and wellbeing goals. Make this the year you quit smoking or the year you finally try that acupuncture that everyone has been raving about. Make it the year to combat the stress of work or life with booking that psychology appointment for your mental wellbeing. It’s far more simple to find the value in your health cover when it’s easy to understand and know right from the start what you’re covered for.

Here are some examples of services you could be covered for with extras cover**:

It’s all about you living a healthier lifestyle with a health insurance provider that supports you in achieving it.

If you’ve recently received a rate rise notice from a health insurer, make sure you know what you're covered for and don’t be afraid to compare funds and make the switch to a fund that suits you and your lifestyle.

Territory Health Fund encourages you to book that dental appointment or remedial massage. Does yours? Get real value from your health insurance cover and start the journey towards a healthier you.

 For further information please feel free to contact us on 1800 623 893.

*To comply with private health insurance legislation, you must have been referred by your health care professional to participate in a health management program to address or improve a specific medical condition. A Health Management Program Benefit Approval Form must accompany a claim for these benefits.

**Please refer to the Territory Health Fund Extras Brochure to identify what services you could be covered for.