Under our Top Hospital cover, we provide excellent benefits on mechanical aids and artificial appliances to support you in maintaining your health.

Covered products include blood pressure monitors, glucometers, tens machines, crutches, walking frames, wigs etc.

We pay up to 85% of the cost of approved mechanical aids and artificial appliances*, up to a limit of $2,000 per person per Membership Year. Benefits are not available on second hand equipment or on consumables. We pay a benefit for short term hiring (up to 3 months) of some mechanical aids. The purchase of some machines and monitors is limited to once every three years (known as a benefit replacement period).

* Excluding repairs and consumables (mask and tubing) for CPAP machines which are paid at 85% of cost up to $250 once every 12 months, within the $2,000 per person per membership year limit for mechanical aids and appliances. Sub-limits may apply to benefuts for some aids or applicances. 
Tens machine (not circulation booster): Sub-limit of 85% of cost up to $250 per person per Membership Year.

Benefit replacement period

A benefit replacement period applies to certain mechanical aids, which means that once you’ve been paid a benefit for a particular aid, you must wait a certain period of time from the time you buy it, until the time you're able to claim again for the purchase of that machine or aid. 

A benefit replacement period of three years applies to the following machines:

  • Blood glucose monitors (Glucometer)
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • C-pap machine and humidifier and initial mask and tubing
  • Tens machine (not circulation booster)

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are covered on our Top Hospital product. A benefit amount is provided to use over three membership years based on the date on which the first purchase of a hearing aid/s is made.

The benefit limit is applied based on your length of membership with Territory Health Fund

  • Up to 10 years $1,000
  • 10-15 years $1,500
  • 15+ years $2,000

Benefits are per person and calculated at 85% of purchase cost up to the appropriate limit of benefit.