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Price quoted is for Top Hospital only cover for a single, including 25.415% government rebate and $500 excess.

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Top Hospital cover

Our highest level of hospital cover

If you’re worried about public hospital waiting times, and want to ensure you and your family can see the doctor of your choice, then Top Hospital cover is for you.

With our Top Hospital cover, you’ll get comprehensive insurance that covers you for things like accommodation in a private or public hospital, theatre fees, intensive care and many surgical events, plus you can choose the excess level that suits you and your family that you pay towards any in-patient treatment.

What you're covered for

Everything you're covered for under our Top Hospital Cover
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Your choice of doctor/hospital

With private hospital cover, you'll avoid potentially long public hospital waiting times and can choose to be treated by your preferred doctor.

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Private hospital accommodation

Accommodation in a private hospital for surgeries and procedures.

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Theatre fees

Fees that a hospital charge for the usage of the operating room and equipment.

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Surgically implanted prostheses

Benefits for surgically implanted artificial hips and knees etc.

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Intensive care

For time required to be spent in intensive care.

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Tonsils and adenoids removal

Surgery to remove the adenoids and tonsils.

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Appendix removal

Removal of the appendix

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Cover for colonoscopies

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Grommets in ears

For treatment of conditions affecting the middle ear.

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Gynaecological services

Cover for gynaecological treatments in hospital.

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Hernia repair

Treatment for hernias provided in hospital.

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Joint reconstructions

Reconstructive surgeries for shoulders, knees, etc.

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Back surgery

Including herniated discs and vertebral fusion surgeries.

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Brain surgery

Including biopsies and craniotomy.

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Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body (excludes cosmetic surgery).

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In-hospital rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation of patients with neurological, muscular skeletal, orthopaedic and other medical conditions following stabilisation of their acute medical issues.

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Access Gap Cover

The Access Gap Cover scheme is designed to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses when you receive a service in a hospital as an inpatient. If your surgeon or doctor participates it can mean reduced out-of-pocket expenses for you.

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Nursing home type patients

We pay a benefit towards a nursing home patient. This amount is determined by the Federal Government. Certification is required.

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Public hospital accommodation as a private patient

If you need treatment in a public hospital and you wish to choose to be treated by your own doctor you can elect to be treated as a private patient. If you don’t get choice of your own doctor you may simply elect to be treated as a public patient.

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Assisted reproductive services

Includes services such as IVF.

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Heart surgeries

Cardiac and cardiac related services

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Major eye surgery

Includes cataract surgery and surgery for other major eye conditions. Does not include laser surgery to restore vision.

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Renal dialysis

Treatment for kidney failure, e.g. chronic renal failure.

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Gastric banding and obesity surgery

Gastric banding, sleeving/diversions or bypass (weight loss surgery)* including replacements, repairs and adjustments.

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Hip and knee joint replacement surgery

A benefit limitation period (BLP) of two years (24 months) applies to hip or knee joint replacements.

Hospital benefits payable on these hospital services during the designated BLP will be the minimum benefit declared by the Minister for Health and Ageing, except when a waiting period hasn't been fully served, in which case no benefit applies.

BLPs don't apply to new Members transferring from another private insurer, or for existing Members changing your level of hospital cover, as long as you transfer within 63 days of ceasing your previous cover. If you hadn't fully served your waiting periods under your previous cover, you'll be required to finish serving these waiting periods before you'll be entitled to benefits in a private or public hospital.

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Mechanical aids and appliances

Benefit up to 85% of the cost or hire of approved mechanical appliances and artificial aids.
Covered products include: blood pressure monitors, glucometers, tens machines, crutches, walking frames and wigs. A benefit limit of 85% of the cost up to $2,000 per person per Membership Year applies. Benefit replacement periods apply on certain mechanical aids. Sub-limits may apply to benefits for some aids or appliances.

Please note: A letter of referral from your doctor or practitioner may be needed to accompany a claim. Please contact us before purchasing an aid or appliance to check these requirements and what benefits may be payable.

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Mammograms and bone density test

Benefit up to $75, limited to 2 services for each of these tests. Claims are subject to there being no Medicare benefit payable. The Membership Year limit is $300 per person covered. 

Also includes benefits for digital mammography and breast tomosynthesis.

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Hearing aids

The hearing aid/s benefit limit is provided to use over three Membership Years, based on the date your purchase of a hearing aid/s is made. The limit amount applied is based on your length of membership with Territory Health Fund.

  • Up to 10 years - $1,000
  • 10-15 years membership - $1,500
  • 15+ years - $2,000.

Benefits per person are calculated at 85% of purchase cost up to the appropriate benefit limit.

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Australian Hearing Services

Benefit of $25 per Membership Year per eligible person for the cost of a Hearing Services Card.

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  • Special – Benefit of up to $150 per day limited to $750 per person covered.
  • Home – Benefit up to $15 per visit or $60 per day limited to $600 covered.
  • Bush – Benefit up to $15 towards the cost of treatment with an annual limit of $300 per person.

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Hospital boarder

Benefits up to $35 per day to a maximum of four days per person listed on the membership.

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Most pharmaceuticals relating to your admission

Most pharmaceuticals (prescribed medications) relating to your surgery, procedure or hospital admission.