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Price quoted is for Intermediate Hospital only cover for a single, including 25.415% government rebate and $500 excess.

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Intermediate Hospital cover

Medium level hospital cover

If you're looking for a medium level of cover, if you haven't started planning for a family and still feel fit and healthy, or just want cover just in case, our Intermediate Hospital Cover is for you.

With our Intermediate Hospital cover, you’ll be covered for things like accommodation in a private or public hospital, theatre fees, intensive care and many surgical events, but leaves out certain services that you may not need yet.

What you're covered for

Everything you're covered for under Intermediate Hospital cover
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Your choice of doctor/hospital

With private hospital cover, you'll avoid potentially long public hospital waiting times and can choose to be treated by your preferred doctor.

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Private hospital accommodation

Accommodation in a private hospital for surgeries and procedures.

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Joint reconstructions

Reconstructive surgeries for shoulders, knees, etc.

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Back surgery

Including herniated discs and vertebral fusion surgeries.


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Brain surgery

Including biopsies and craniotomy.

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Tonsil and adenoids removal

Hospital admission for removal of tonsils and/or adenoids.

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Cover for colonoscopies

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Grommets in ears

For treatment of conditions affecting the middle ear.

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Gynaecological services

Cover for gynaecological treatments in hospital.

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In-hospital rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation of patients with neurological, muscular skeletal, orthopaedic and other medical conditions following stabilisation of their acute medical issues

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Hernia repair

Treatment for hernias provided in hospital.

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Theatre fees

Fees that a hospital charge for the usage of the operating room and equipment.

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Intensive care

For time required to be spent in intensive care.

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Surgically implanted prostheses

Benefits for surgically implanted artificial hips and knees etc.

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Medically necessary plastic and reconstructive surgery

Medically necessary cosmetic procedures, such as for burns or major injuries.

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Medical gap

Cover for the 25% of cost between the 75% Medicare Benefit and the Medicare Benefits Schedule fee for inpatient services.

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Access Gap Cover

The Access Gap benefit, for in-patient services, is a benefit over and above the Medicare Benefits Schedule for participating doctors.

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Most pharmaceuticals relating to your admission

Most pharmaceuticals (prescribed medications) relating to your surgery, procedure or hospital admission.

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Nursing home type patients

We pay a benefit towards a nursing home patient. This amount is determined by the Federal Government. Certification is required.

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Public hospital accommodation as a private patient (intermediate)

If you need to have treatment in a public hospital, you'll be treated as a private patient.

For Members with Intermediate Hospital cover, benefits are available for all included services, as well as restricted services, up to the public hospital default rate.