Health insurance doesn’t need to be complicated.

Territory Health Fund is the easy to understand, affordable cover for Territorians.

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Health Insurance doesn't need to be complicated.

At Territory Health Fund we take the time to give you honest, genuine advice and simple products so you know what you're covered for.

Find out below what makes us different and why you should join a health fund closer to home. 

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Honest and genuine service

We put our Members first and our staff take the time to understand your needs so they can help you find the right cover.


I love taking advantage of the Extras, especially massage. I work in a day job, which means I'm sitting in a chair all day, my shoulders are hunched and if I don't get massages regularly I just find I'm so tense and sore and that really keeps me active and fit enough to enjoy my life. 

- Siâna, Darwin


Generous Benefits

Each year we take the time to review the inclusions in our policies against what our Members use and adjust them where needed to ensure that the benefits included in our products are the benefits that will provide the most value to you. 

Need help choosing the right cover?

Our friendly health fund specialists can answer all your questions and help you work out the right cover for you and those closest to you.


National Coverage

Take your health insurance with you wherever you go in Australia. Your cover can be claimed at any eligible health provider right across Australia. 

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