Choosing a health fund that’s the right fit for you can be difficult. With all the different plans, premiums and waiting periods, it can be hard to work out if you’re getting the best cover.

But with Territory Health Fund, you can make sure your cover is the right fit – giving back what you need, when you need it most.


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Healthy Savings

We take great care to keep our products affordable while ensuring the cover you get is a great quality one to fit your life.


Generous Benefits

We review the inclusions in our policies against what our Members use each year and adjust them where needed to ensure that the benefits included in our products, are the benefits that are the right fit for our Members.


National Coverage

Take your health insurance with you wherever you go in Australia. Your cover can be claimed at any eligible health provider right across Australia.


Genuine Service

We put our Members first and our staff take the time to understand your needs so that they can best match the right health cover for you.


Peace of Mind

Life is full of unexpected events. With cover from Territory Health Fund you can rest easy knowing that when you need to use your cover, we’re here to help.


Choose your preferred health service provider

Our Preferred Providers are health service providers who have agreed to keep their prices fair and services to a high standard for our Members. But if your preferred provider isn’t one of them, that’s ok. Unlike other Funds, we pay the exact same benefit to you for health services used, regardless of the provider you choose. 

“I switched my health cover to Territory Health Fund for great value. It was so easy talking with the team there. Now to book that massage!”
Amanda Perchelle, Member