Premium Rate Rise Notification

20 Feb 2019, 1:21PM

Our Rate Change Notices are being delivered electronically via email. These will be available to all Members via your Online Member Service portal under the Correspondence tab in the Rate Change Notice section. Posted mail will be received in the near future. Premiums shown on the website will be updated when the premiums increase from 1 April 2020. Information regarding upcoming improvements to some of our benefits are also available on our website.

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Rate Change Notice

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About OMS

Did you know OMS gives you control over your policy. Normally, you’d need to call us to make changes to your details or policy, but with our OMS, you simply need to login (or register) from the top corner of this website or below to access everything you need.

Other features of OMS:

  • Update your personal details
  • Make a credit card payment
  • Access tax statements
  • View your claims history
  • View your limits and remaining benefits
  • Update payment details

Changes to benefits

Territory Health Fund prides itself on offering products with market-leading benefits. We review these benefits each year to ensure we maintain a very competitive and value for money product. We also want our Members o experience the genuine value we offer thanks to our generous benefits that grow each year.

For a snapshot of the changes that take place from 1 April 2020 click here